My message of solidarity

by Mishka, Freed Voices Campaigner

I am sending my solidarity to people locked up in immigration detention centres during these unprecedented times, as the Covid-19 crisis grips the country and the globe.

I have experienced immigration detention and I have spent years campaigning for change to our unjust and inhumane system of detention and deportation.

I can imagine the fear that people are experiencing because I have been there, but is is hard to fully appreciate when you are not there at this time. The fear of being trapped and powerless as this crisis unfolds, knowing that there is a grave threat life in detention centres.

I know from experience that immigration detention centres are places with unsanitary conditions, people piled up in cramped conditions, and limited access to Healthcare. What we hear from people in held in detention right now is that they are not even being provided with soap or hand sanitiser – or even running water at times.

The situation is dire – and that’s why we, Freed Voices, Detention Action and thousands of people around the country are campaigning together to force the Government to act now.

My message to people held in immigration detention right now – please stay strong and know that we are making sure the Government takes notice of what is happening to you.

My message to everyone else – I hope you are staying safe as best you can. Let’s fight together for those who are powerless. Let’s keep the pressure up on the Government.