The Dafabet Asian betting site offers online gambling experiences, especially focusing on Asian players. Not only does it provide betting but also you can experience online casinos. They offer to bet on Indian sports like Kabaddi and accept the Indian rupee. Not only does it cover Kabaddi but also all the major games like cricket, football, and horse racing.

It is registered and licensed in the Philippines but welcomes players all over the world. It offers a great game selection larger than any other betting site.

What we like about the DafabetDafabet like

One thing that we like about the Dafabet is that it concentrates on Asian players, especially Indian players.  They do offer plenty of Indian games, sports like Kabaddi, cricket, and card games like Teen Patti, and much more.

They also make it very convenient for an Indian player to deposit money as they accept money using UPI and the Indian payment system.  In terms of selecting the type of game, Dafabet is nearly fantastic as they offer two different portable files to play with European, Asian, and Indian sports.

Moreover, they have an excellent online casino list for you. You will love the live casino section, which contains awesome live tables with different game types all over the world.

What we do not like about the Dafabetdafabet dislike

We do not like Dafabet because of its account creation method as it is more time-consuming than other betting websites. They ask for a lot of information such as personal information, address, and mobile number. You have to be sure while giving any information that it is correct, as it needs to be verified once the Dafabet website creates an account.

The next problem is that you cannot log in with your existing email ID. You have to create a new user ID before going into the account. The password creation of the account is also very troublesome. The password includes 8 to 10 alphanumeric characters, as you cannot use special characters in your password, which is unsafe.

 Dafabet betting games and feature

As you have created an account and made a deposit, now it is time to take advantage of the awesome game features on the Dafabet.  As you sign up for your Dafabet account, the first thing you will see is a slider in the center of the screen, which highlights different promotions, and bonuses for new and existing players.

We see a button called Help center on the right side of the screen. We have six different ways in which you can connect to their customer support.  It has the most helpful customer service department which supports a 24/7 live chat function to test the quality of the support.

The Dafabet is one of the safest and safest sites. For online betting and online casinos, you can easily create your account and start betting from the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, make sure you provide all the information correctly and have sufficient money in your bank account for betting.